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About Us

Celtic Heritage is a family friendly Metal Detecting group that hold events every weekend. Hi everyone and welcome to Celtic Heritage.

My name is Huw, and I am an ex serving veteran of the 1st Battalion Royal Welsh fusiliers and I formed this group to provide a special environment where everyone is welcomed and made to feel part of our extended family.

There are few hobbies that can equal the excitement of metal detecting and with land secured in Brecon and Carmarthenshire, we have already saved many historical finds including coins and artefacts from the Bronze Age, through to Roman, Medieval, Georgian and Victorian.

With land containing Roman roads, forts and even ancient burial mounds, being part of Celtic Heritage means you can also be part of the recovery of our lost history. With much of our land located in the heart of the National Parks of Wales, we are confident you will enjoy every moment you spend with us whether on daily events or our upcoming camping weekends.

You can find details of all our rallies and day digs on our events page.

We also have our online shop where you can view our super range of Celtic Heritage merchandise.

So, please join us for a day or a weekend dig, bring the kids too. We can loan them (or you) a detector to try out this great hobby. We look forward to seeing you soon!